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About us..

We are a national products commercializer in Chile, representantives of medium and small producers of long history in business development in their industry, all of them located in the heart Chilean forestry area, next to main ports of the zone, some of them with presence in the major world timber and related row materials markets for more than 20 years.

Mission statement

To handle the requests of our customers and prospects directly, in behalf of our producers, promoting and communicating in updated and timely way our current offer, as well as managing the derived transactional and logistic information.


To take responsibility of the chainsupply control of customers, in synchronization with producers and suppliers,  for mutual benefit, in a context of respect and adherence to the best commercials legal and environmental practices, thus generating firm medium and long term relationships.

In the short term creating an exclusive and fluent flow of information with regard to;

-Real ones stocks, in volume


-Time stamp status of every committed P.O. (Contract; Elaboration, Loading to full capacity, Dispatch and delivery),

-Quality assurance

-Pre shipment cross-check

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